1004 - Mid/Sr OpenStack Engineer

Remote from Ukraine for Canada Based Client Full-time

Our client is a Canada's leading Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provider. The company provides a Private Cloud, Public Cloud and Hybrid Cloud using the OpenStack platform. It also provides Block and object storage with all other components to build a cloud virtual datacenter in customers' offices or company's datacenters. The company believes that in-depth help to analyze it's customers' needs and providing them the proper solutions is the main factor for the success of all of their customers.

We’re looking for someone to join the technical team which builds and operates the public cloud and many private clouds for customers all over the world which are powered by OpenStack, running with Kubernetes.

Upstream first:
They’re big on open source. They do all of the work upstream and they do not maintain any local forks which means that you’ll be working heavily with the upstream teams for any issues that come up.

Deliver the latest technology:
Their customers rely on them to bring the latest technology as soon as possible while making sure that it is stable and reliable. They’ve been one of the first companies to run the release of OpenStack, delivered via Kubernetes. You’ll enjoy working with non-legacy environments which can easily have fixes landed for them upstream.

Work on exciting projects:
They go beyond the big projects such as Nova and co. They have Magnum deployed, alongside with Sahara and Octavia. Those are projects that very little clouds operate so you’ll have the experience of working with upstream teams to address any issues.

Variety of exciting opportunities:
On a day, you might find yourself troubleshooting a Nova bug upstream, speccing hardware for a cloud, working on deployment tools (Kubernetes/Ansible), digging into getting a project working at scale (Gnocchi), managing and automating monitoring (Prometheus/Alertmanager/etc) or building and operating storage clusters (Ceph).

If you enjoy OpenStack and Kubernetes and the world around it, you’ll enjoy your work here by being able to work on OpenStack/Kubernetes and seeing all sides of the story, operator, developer and more.

Some of the skills that you might have to use which would be very useful to have:
- DevOps experience (GitOps structure, CI/CD of all infrastructure)
- Advanced monitoring experience (Prometheus, predictive failures, etc)
- Experience in deploying and operating OpenStack
- Python skills (delivering fixes or features upstream OpenStack)
- Experience in managing container schedulers (Kubernetes)
- Golang skills (writing simple applications, fixing Kubernetes bugs)
- Experience in working on deployment tools (Ansible)
- Understanding of OpenStack components and infrastructure (RabbitMQ, Galera)
- Upstream OpenStack development (Gerrit workflows, Python language, etc)
- Networking knowledge (Spine/leaf and scale-out architecture)
- Storage experience (Hardware, Ceph clusters, upgrades, reliability)
- Working with customers (deployments, best-use, helping architect)
- CentOS/RHEL experience

Benefits and working conditions:
- Working remotely from Home
- Full-time opportunity with paid vacation, sick days, holidays, health insurance
- Flexible work hours with a required overlap for communication with a team in Canada (the more overlap the better)
- Competitive compensation based on experience and skills.
- Latest technologies
- Friendly team